Book of the month – Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

A must-read-book for anyone jobless or to be. Revealing the ugly truth which makes “A better new world”.



“Big data and predictive algorithms have the potential to transform the nature and number of knowledge-based jobs in organizations and industries across the board. The prediction that can be extracted from data will increasingly be used to substitute for human qualities such as experience and judgement.” – Martin Ford

“The judgement day is inevitable.”

This is one of the most famous quotes from the movie series, Terminator. We all see that coming but just no one could stop it. Why? Mr Martin Ford, the author of this book, will demonstrate it with his more than 25 experience in the IT industry and those human job-terminating androids.


Terminator Sequels may have alerted us more than the judgement day.


Shocking data and impressive author’s insights

I believe if anyone read the section of the BLOCKBUSTER, they will be as astonished as me when they got to know how the industry collapsed (like 60,000 reduced to ONLY 7 employees) under the influence of Internet and the number of jobs could be decreased dramatically in a way no one could imagine.

What can we do?

Sit tight and be prepared for the shocks hidden in this book. Once you have figured out what it is talking about, you are clever enough to understand why you lost your job. LOL!

Anson CK Wong